EUYO auditions

Application for the Dutch EUYO 2024 auditions is possible now!

The application deadline is September 30th.

To apply for the EUYO (and/or the NJO), you must create a personal NJO account or adjust your current NJO account. You can always consult and/or adjust your account when necessary.

Candidates will receive information by email about the exact time and location of their audition. Information about the EUYO jury can be found on the NJO jury page.

Repertoire EUYO auditions The Netherlands

First round EUYO audition in combination with NJO audition:

  • solo work NJO list
  • orchestral excerpts NJO list

First round EUYO audition without NJO audition

  • solo work NJO list
  • orchestral excerpts EUYO list

Second round EUYO

  • Free choice of solo work, preferably a solo work from the NJO list
  • orchestral excerpts EUYO list

Woodwind players are encouraged to audition for additional instruments as well, although this is not required. Read more detailed information about additional instruments on our How to prepare page (under Auxiliary Instruments).

For both the first and last audition rounds of the EUYO, a pianist will be made available to accompany the solo work. EUYO candidates (except harpists and percussionists) are required to use this piano accompaniment for the auditions. The pianist rehearses with the candidate just before the audition.

Notes for percussionists:
No solo work is required, only (a selection of) from the orchestral excerpts

About the audition process in The Netherlands

The NJO organizes the auditions for the EUYO in the Netherlands for candidates born in the Netherlands, with a Dutch passport and/or living or studying in the Netherlands. For students with other nationalities (within the European Union, including Belgian) or places of residence, we refer you to the EUYO website.

The auditions consist of a first round that can be combined with the audition in the autumn for the NJO. EUYO members must audition for a position in the EUYO every year, even if they have previously played or currently hold a position in the orchestra. Musicians who are already members of the EUYO, have been classified as 'highly recommended' or have been placed on the reserve list in the past 2 years are immediately invited to the second audition round.

Participation terms EUYO

The European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO) is open to musicians aged 16 to 26 years on 31 December of the year in which the audition takes place. Application for EUYO is possible for all musicians holding a passport from one of the 27 current European Union Member States. Candidates may apply to audition in any EU Member State, providing that the country is the candidate's country of birth, country of residence, country of study/work, or the country they hold a passport for.

More information

General information about preparation for auditions as well as tips can be found on the How to prepare page. All information about feedback, recording of auditions and the procedures after the audition can be found on our webpage After the audition.

Questions & contact

If you have any questions regarding the NJO/EUYO auditions, please contact the NJO orchestra manager: twan For urgent problems during the audition period please call Twan Dubbers (preferably during office hours): +31(0)6 1537 5844

If you have any questions regarding EUYO, please read the information on the auditions page on the EUYO website or contact Alexia Higgs, Orchestra Personnel & Auditions EUYO: Alexia.Higgs

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