After the audition

The results of the auditions for NJO and EUYO (first round) will be sent to the candidates as soon as possible, but not later than one week after the last audition day. It is not possible to obtain further information about the audition results until after the final results have been sent to all applicants.

After a successful audition, musicians will either participate in an NJO project or they may be placed on the reserve list. NJON is responsible for the placement of selected musicians at appropriate positions. Only after having participated successfully in one NJO project will candidates become an official NJO member with all the benefits of membership. Candidates on the reserve list can be invited to participate in the NJO project they auditioned for. Reserve players have a secured place in the next upcoming project, but they will need to apply and audition again to be selected to participate. Only after participation in an NJO project will reserve musicians become a full NJO member.

EUYO final round audition results will be announced to all candidates by the EUYO. Please check the EUYO website for the dates and read everything about becoming a member of the EUYO after a successful audition on the EUYO website.

Audition recordings and feedback

NJON records every NJO audition on film. Candidates have the possibility to obtain the recording of their own audition upon their request. The recording will only be made available after the announcement of all the audition results. The recordings will be stored securely and will not be used without the candidate’s permission for any purpose other than enabling discussion amongst jury members.

The EUYO also records the final round of auditions on film. These recordings will be used to enable consultation between tutors in the case of a discussion about the audition results. The recordings will be stored securely and will not be used for any other purpose without the candidate’s permission. EUYO recordings are not made available to the candidates.

Both NJO and EUYO first round applicants will be given the opportunity to request feedback on their audition until two weeks after their audition. Candidates who wish to receive feedback should send an email to twan Feedback on the final EUYO audition round will be given directly after the audition by the EUYO jury.

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