Video auditions

Only for the NJO Summer Festival and Tour will an extra round of video auditions (image and sound) be held for all positions still vacant after the live spring auditions. These auditions will be open to musicians studying at a conservatoire outside of the Netherlands and Belgium. The next video audition round will be announced in the beginning of 2022. Please check the Programme & planning page for detailed information.

What to play

Candidates for a video audition should first apply via our Application portal before being invited to upload a video. Musicians are asked to record the complete list of orchestral excerpts in the exact order as listed in the Orchestra excerpts list, as well as a solo piece from the NJO Solo pieces list. The orchestral excerpts should be recorded in one take and may not be edited or altered. The solo piece should be recorded in a separate take (approximately 5 minutes max.). It is recommended that the solo piece be accompanied by piano (harp players and percussionists excepted).

String players auditioning for a (co-)principal position should also play the principal orchestral excerpt. If you do not wish to apply for a (co-)principal position, you do not need to play the principal orchestral excerpt.

How to record and upload your video

You can use whatever recording device is available to you at the moment of your recording, as long as you record the orchestral pieces in one take (and do not edit or alter the recording afterwards) and the solo piece in another take. The videos should then be uploaded to YouTube as "unlisted" (make sure you do not choose "private"). Make separate links to the orchestral pieces video recording and to the solo piece recording.

Submit the two videos by adding the links in your personal account in the NJO portal (see Instructions), following the steps below:

  1. Log in into your personal NJO portal (user name = your email address) 
  2. Go to Musical Data
  3. Go to Application
  4. Choose Edit
  5. Click on the arrow ->
  6. Add the links in the correct boxes (‘Orchestra excerpts film link’ and ‘Solo piece film link’)
  7. Click on Save
  8. Click on Stop editing

Important: to keep your NJO data in good order, please only insert the links and do not change data in other projects/years. Changing your solo piece and/or your availability for the project you apply for is only possible by sending an email to danielle

Video audition tips

Take a look at the videos below for tips on video auditions:

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