Orchestra excerpts list

At all NJO auditions and at the first round of EUYO auditions, musicians will be asked to play one piece from the NJO solo pieces list and a selection from the NJO orchestra excerpts list below. Although candidates may be asked to play only a selection of the orchestral excerpts, all of them should be prepared. Read more about the auditions on our Audition information page and the underlying pages.


  • double bass players should play their solo piece and orchestral parts in orchestral tuning
  • woodwind players should prepare a solo piece and all orchestra excerpts for their main instrument; preparation of orchestra excerpts for auxiliary instruments is not mandatory, but strongly advised. Read all about auditioning for auxiliary instruments in How to prepare
  • for EUYO final round auditions, we refer to the EUYO orchestra excerpts list and to more information about EUYO auditions on the EUYO website
  • candidates only playing the EUYO first and/or second round auditions (and not the NJO auditions) need to prepare one solo piece from the NJO solo pieces list below and all EUYO excerpts

The list of orchestra excerpts will follow soon below! This list has last been updated on 22 May 2020.

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