NJON (the organisation behind the NJO) organises the auditions for all NJO projects, as well as the auditions in the Netherlands for the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO).

All auditions for the NJO and the first round for the EUYO are judged by:

  • The NJO orchestra manager (chair / secretary)
  • one or two professional musicians for the specific instrument and/or section the auditions are for, preferably musicians who do not teach at one of the conservatories.


The NJO supports the organisation of the second round of EUYO auditions in the Netherlands. The jury of this second round is provided by the EUYO itself.
Note: there is only one jury member present during the second EUYO audition round, but for the ultimate decisions, all recordings are judged by a larger EUYO-committee.

For more information about the EUYO auditions, see the EUYO website.

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