Audition information

Take a look at the upcoming projects under Programme and planning, including staffing and audition dates. Under How to prepare you will find all the information you need about auditioning. Information about the jury can be found on Jury and detaild about the procedure after the audition can be found on After the auditions.

How it works

Auditions for NJO projects are held twice a year. In the autumn, live auditions for the NJO Winter Tour are held in the Netherlands. The spring auditions for the Muziekzomer Gelderland (the summer festival of the NJON) and Summer Tour are held live in the Netherlands and Belgium and by video for students from elsewhere. Musicians who would like to audition for a position in one of the NJO orchestras should apply first via our Application portal. If you register for auditions you automatically accept the rules and regulations for auditions and membership. Please read these NJO audition and participation regulations carefully before accepting. 

If after analysing the available members and selected players from the Netherlands and Belgium any vacancies for the Muziekzomer Gelderland are left, an extra round of video auditions (image and sound) may be held for musicians studying at European conservatoires outside of the Netherlands and Belgium. Please check Programme & planning for upcoming projects and audition dates.

EUYO auditions

In addition to auditions for NJO projects, NJO organises the first round auditions for the European Union Youth Orchestra (EUYO). Please go to the EUYO page on this website for more information about the auditions for this orchestra organised by NJO. 

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