Alexander Shelley conducts the NJO

Love, war, heavenly life and death: the enormous themes central to this programme. Members of the National Youth Orchestra (NJO) play in varying formations during the Muziekzomer Gelderland from July 29th to August 14th 2022. In this symphonic programme, led by conductor Alexander Shelley can be heard during the festival as well as in The Concertgebouw.

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Coraline Groen in Brittens Vioolconcert

Violinist Coraline Groen, young artist in residence during this year's Muziekzomer Gelderland edition, soon new she wanted to play Benjamin Britten's violin concerto with the NJO. It is a dreamy work full of emotions, sudden changes in atmosphere, from combative to intense sorrow, that she brings to the stage with the orchestra she has played in multiple times.

During the Muziekzomer, Coraline also plays this piece in 'Britten from within'. A concert in which she shares with the audience her experience on stage as a orchestra violinist in the Concertgebouworkest: to be in the midst of the music.


Nationaal Jeugdorkest
Conductor: Alexander Shelley
Soloists: Coraline Groen (violin), Annemarie Kremer (soprano), Laetitia Gerards (soprano)

Richard Strauss Don Juan
Benjamin Britten (with Coraline Groen) Violin concerto no.1 *
Richard Strauss (with Annemarie Kremer) Vier letzte Lieder **
Gustav Mahler (with Laetitia Gerards) Symphony no.4

* not played in Het Concertgebouw
** only played in Het Concertgebouw

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