NJO Tim Kliphuis Ensemble

This summer violinist and king of gypsy jazz Tim Kliphuis will coach an ensemble of seven wind instruments, thirteen string players and a harp. He will work with them towards performances in which improvisation is central and classical, jazz and gypsy alternate. Kliphuis not only challenges classically trained NJO musicians to go off the beaten track, he also takes the audience with him on this journey.

Also in 2016 Tim Kliphuis and his trio visited the National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands and that was a great success. This time he comes alone and, playing the violin, accompanies the ensemble to a series of concerts that will be different every time and in which boundaries between music genres disappear. 

The NJO Tim Kliphuis Orchestra in Radio Kootwijk during the NJO Music Summer Gelderland in 2016

The performances of the NJO Tim Kliphuis Ensemble will take place during the Muziekzomer Gelderland, which is scheduled from Friday, July 30 to Sunday, August 15, 2021. For up-to-date information on concert dates, venues and ticket sales see our events calendar.

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