New opportunities for selected NJO musicians

15 september 2020

The musicians from the National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands (NJO) were very excited about the projects of the NJO of the past six months for which they were selected. Several NJO members had participated before, but for some the planned projects were the first introduction to the NJO after successfully passing auditions. Unfortunately, all projects had to be canceled due to the Covid19 crisis.

In order to still be able to offer the NJO musicians the orchestral experience they had been looking for, they will be given priority in the upcoming NJO projects. The musicians who would participate in various projects of the orchestra during the NJO Summer Festival 2020 as well as the musicians who were assigned to the already announced Defiant Requiem in Amsterdam in May this year, will be given a new chance. They will be assigned to either the NJO Winter Tour 2021 and / or the Defiant Requiem 2021 in May 2021. The musicians who were assigned for additional projects, such as the family opera 'A song for the moon', also hold their preferred position in case the projects will be reprogrammed in the future.

Selected NJO musicians do not need to contact the National Youth Orchestras of the Netherlands (NJON), the organisation behind the NJO. They will be approached by the NJO orchestra manager about their availability for the upcoming projects. Only after all classified musicians have been approached, eventual vacancies and auditions will be announced. More information about the auditions can be found under Audition & musicians.

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