Applying for NJO auditions now possible!

23 februari 2022

Application for auditions for the NJO Symphony Orchestra, the NJO Opera Orchestra and the NJO Brahms Nonet for participation during the upcoming summer is now open. The deadline for application for live auditions is 16 March (and 22 March for students at conservatoires in Belgium). Read all about the auditions on Auditions & musicians and apply!

The National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands (NJO) is open to musicians who are at least 18 years old but less than 27 years old who study at a conservatoire. Students at conservatoires in the Netherlands and Belgium and students with the Dutch nationality at conservatoires outside of the Netherlands can apply for a position in one or more projects of NJO. Only if vacancies for the summer projects cannot be filled will non-Dutch students from conservatoires outside the Netherlands and Belgium be given the opportunity to apply via a video audition. 

The NJO Symphony Orchestra
This orchestra will perform the violin concerto from Benjamin Britten on request of and with violinist/young artist in residence Coraline Groen as soloist. In addition, Don Juan and Vier Letzte Lieder from Richard Strauss are on the programma with soprano Annemarie Kremer, as well as Mahler's Fourth Symphony with soprano Laetitia Gerards. See for programme and planning of this project NJO Symphony Orchestra for musicians

The NJO Opera Orchestra
This summer the NJO will bring a large production with the opera ‘Bluebeard's Castle' from Béla Bartók (arr. Eberhard Kloke). The music will be performed by the Opera Orchestra of the NJO National Youth Orchestra of the Netherlands, conducted by Antony Hermus. With the horrifying story of Duke Bluebeard as inspiration, the occasion of the opera will be used to draw attention to domestic violence, a topic which is unfortunately still daily practice, making the lives of many sufferers a daily hell. The opera will be performed in the previous Coberco Milkfactory (Melkfabriek) in Arnhem. See for programme and planning of this project NJO Opera Orchestra for musicians

The NJO Brahms Nonet
This large ensemble will plunge into the nonet version of Brahms's 1st Serenade and other repertoire for this line-up. A nonet will be assembled based on the results of auditions, consisting of strn=ings as well as wind instrument. NJO Brahmsnonet voor musici. See for programme and planning of this project NJO Brahms Nonet for musicians

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