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Operetta Land (8+)

20 nov • 26 nov • 27 nov • 28 dec • 30 decBuy tickets

Operetta Land doesn’t exist. It’s an imaginary place, with imaginary people, who have imaginary adventures and burst into song at every turn. And yet, once you have set foot in Operetta Land, you’ll never want to leave. Come see for yourself if you don’t believe us…

In Operetta Land, a spellbinding treat for the whole family, theatre director Steef de Jong takes the audience on a journey packed with everything that makes operetta so compelling: romance, misunderstandings, mistaken identities, deception and, last but not least, exquisite music. Steef has used pieces by composers such as Strauss, Offenbach and Sullivan to seamlessly craft a brand-new, contemporary operetta for audiences of all ages. Come and meet the aloof Princess Galatea, the love-hungry chamber woman Lady Kant, the dastardly King Pygmalion, the secretive Prince Nicola as well as many more memorable characters. 

Steef de Jong has enjoyed many years of success with his productions, in which he uses ingeniously constructed cardboard sets to spark the audience’s imagination. In his work, Steef draws heavily on the rich history of operetta, the frivolous and enticing little sister of opera. Now he is bringing his multifaceted approach to the big stage of Dutch National Opera for the first time. Young musicians from the National Youth Orchestra (NJO) will be performing a selection from the operetta repertoire, led by Lorenzo Viotti, chief conductor of Dutch National Opera, and Aldert Vermeulen. A cast of young singers, including some from Dutch National Opera Studio, will take on the eccentric characters in this wonderfully entertaining production.

Concept and performance Steef de Jong
Text Paulien Cornelisse and Steef de Jong

Music Johann Strauss JR, Jacques Offenbach, Arthur Sullivan, et al. 
Musical direction Aldert Vermeulen
Stage direction Steef de Jong
Co-direction Maria Lamont
Set design & costumes Steef de Jong
Dramaturgy Laura Roling
Team Groots en Meeslepend Ina Veen, Stephan Nelissen, Willy Veen

De verzinner, Lady Kant, Venus Steef de Jong
Koningin Raoul Steffani
Prinses Galathea Elenora Hu
Minister van Financiën
Graaf Lothar Laetitia Gerards
Koning Pygmalion Frederik Bergman
Sir Taki/Heggenschaarhuzaar Maya Gour
Prins Nicola/Heggenschaarhuzaar Ian Castro

National Youth Orchestra

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