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Het Lijflied (5+)

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Imagine you could take a look inside your own body... What would you see and hear? And would you be able to understand yourself better if you knew what was going on inside? 

In Het lijflied (The Body’s Song) you’re taken on an adventure with Ina as she journeys through her own body. You’ll see her tuning into the chatter of the almighty mind, being swept away by the deafening beat of her heart, watching as a large poo is made in her bowls, and teaming up with her white blood cells to fight off a virus. When she returns to the outside world after her exciting adventure, she understands that her body is an ally she can count on. 

The makers of Het lijflied take inspiration from the hidden sounds, processes, and stories of the human body. Composer Lucas Wiegerink has skilfully weaved bodily noises through his piece, which also features elements of jazz a plethora of operas. He developed the plan for this sensory children’s production together with French theatre and opera director Alma Terrasse, who is also responsible for the libretto. 

Composer Lucas Wiegerink

Stage direction/libretto Alma Terrasse
Costumes en scenography Lobke Houkes
Lighting design Glen D’Haenens
Sound design Roel Snellebrand
Dramaturgy Willem Bruls

Ina Kristina Bitenc/Jikke van der Velde
Maag/Hart Lucie Van Ree
Brein/Darm Jorne van Bergeijk
Bolletje/Drolletje Pim van Drunen

Musicians National Youth Orchestra 

Percussion Helmer Bijl and/or Michiel Mollen
Cello Floor Bakker and/or Manuel Lorenzo Valentín
Clarinet Eduardo Villarroel Mera and Alba Mayorga Rodrigo

Het Lijflied is a co-production of Opera Zuid, Dutch National Opera and November Music and was made possible by Fonds Podiumkunsten and Kunstloc Brabant.

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